Everel Group inaugurates E-Lab


Everel Group has inaugurated E-Lab, its new laboratory of ideas and strategic innovation. The laboratory is located inside the former building of the company caretaker, in a completely renovated structure. It is an autonomous building, from an energy point of view, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels and three electric charging columns, and aims to be the engine of the future for the Everel Group. “The pandemic and the consequent forced lockdown that involved our company for a few weeks made us reflect on the future – says Valeria Zampieri, Group HR & Communication Director of Everel Group – imposing on us, despite the worries that 2020 has brought, to reflect on how to react strongly. And after identifying the right partners, who have accompanied us on a truly disruptive innovation path, we have created E-Lab, our new laboratory of ideas. Everel, with its products, is in the homes worldwide; E-Lab, which is based in a separate house but still in the beating heart of the company, will host young talents, startups, university laboratories, who will be able to create and invent the future here, enhancing Everel’s tradition, but breaking the habit and the repeated mechanisms of production, which for us represent a bottomless tomb”. The strategic partner that has accompanied Everel on this journey between tradition and future is Strategy Innovation, a spin off of Ca’Foscari, born with the intention of sustaining the companies along the innovation paths.