i-Wall: a green and hi-tech solution


The i-Wall dispensing system, produced by the Italian brand Zerica, can help consumers to live in a more sustainable way, reducing the use of plastic bottles. It dispenses great-tasting, refreshing ambient, chilled and sparkling water. Thanks to this product the user can always have filtered water at hand both to prepare food and to drink. It is easy to use, quiet and designed to fit into a standard 60cm kitchen module. Easy also to fill up a jug or water bottle thanks to a spacious dispensing area. Besides, it’s simple to change the filter or CO2 canister. The appliance is user-friendly because high definition touchscreen interface, intuitive controls and clear icons help to change the target temperature, and fill up a glass or a jug with ease. The consumer can personalise settings such as carbonation levels for the sparkling water and can connect the product to the internet to access the remote monitoring and management system. For technical support, user can raise a request and let expert technicians troubleshoot remotely, modifying parameters for remote problem resolution. The appliance is available in glass, stainless steel or black skinplate.