New Samsung Bespoke AirDresser with AI


Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is equipped with AI functions and reduces 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses, kills 100% of dust mites and removes 99% of odors from clothes. Besides, it completely removes any residue of the gases used during the cleaning process by the device itself. The AI Pattern feature personalizes the controls displayed on the AirDresser’s front panel based on user’s habits, including frequently used cycles and settings, and prominently displays the commonly-used settings for easy access. And the Custom Cycle, a feature accessible through the SmartThings application, recommends tailored care routines based on the chosen fabric and garment type. The Bespoke AirDresser provides customized care for all types of sensitive garments with just a few taps. Besides, the Auto Cycle Link feature recommends the most appropriate drying course once a cleaning cycle ends. Through its connection to the Samsung smart washer, it quickly and intelligently identifies the appropriate drying cycle on the AirDresser according to the wash cycle settings. Finally, the Bespoke AirDresser’s AI Dry technology uses a humidity sensor on the inside of the door to enable faster drying too. By continually monitoring the humidity of the clothes in the drum, it intelligently reduces drying time to ensure the laundry is always dried thoroughly in the shortest possible time while not sustaining any damage.