Indesit: findings of the research on gender equality


Indesit presented the results of a gender equality survey conducted in France, Italy and Russia as part of the #DoItTogether campaign. Among the findings, the research shows that today’s families share the housework more than their parents’ generation, but 79% of the Italian women say they usually plan most of the housework and 76% say they also do most of the activities. Furthermore, 79% of the Italian parents, both women and men, generally agree that collaboration between partners fosters a more positive home environment and 85% of them want their children to learn that housework is a shared responsibility: 8 out of 10 parents believe that the children, seeing them share the responsibilities, learn important lessons about teamwork and gender equality. The survey also showed that women still take on most of the responsibilities inside the home and 32% of the mothers say they are much more stressed and considered the only point of reference for the housework. As for the types of housework, according to the Indesit survey, the first place among the least popular activities is cleaning the bathroom. Other little-loved operations are: dividing the clothes to be washed, starting the washing machine and dusting, followed by cleaning the kitchen and the hob and loading the tableware in the dishwasher. To make life easier for consumers and foster the collaboration, Indesit has designed appliances with Push&Go and Turn&Go: for example, the Push&Go washing machines combine program and temperature selection in a single button, allowing perfect results without pre-treatment and in just 45 minutes; the Total No Frost refrigerators with Push&Go offer greater cooling power to best preserve the large weekly shopping with a single push of the button; and the dishwashers with Push&Go wash and dry the dishes in just 85 minutes without the need for manual prewash.