Polti Vaporella Vertical Styler: ready in a minute


Polti Vaporella Vertical Styler GSF60 is the vertical steamer that allows user to comfortably refresh different types of garments. The 6 steam settings make it ideal even for delicate or resistant fabrics. Ready in a minute, it is equipped with a large removable 2-liter tank that allows unlimited autonomy. The brush favors the steam penetration also in heavier fabrics. The users can place the garments on the hanger integrated into the product and the Soft Touch handle ensures a comfortable grip during the use, while sofas, armchairs and curtains can be treated where they are. The coat hanger is adjustable in height and can hold up to 18 kg of weight. Its particular shape allows user to treat different and large garments. Besides, the sanitizing effect of the steam refreshes the fabrics and eliminates odors on clothes and home textiles.


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