Neato D10 and D9 robot vacuums for medium and large sized homes


Specially crafted to tidy medium and large sized homes, the D10 and D9 models join Neato’s previously released D8, which is engineered to tackle clean up in smaller spaces. The products feature the brand’s signature D-shaped design and thorough dust pick up which allow them to get into corners. Some of Neato D9 and D10’s newest and most notable features include a Helix Multi-Surface Main Brush that is 50% quieter on hard surfaces, the introduction of zone cleaning, a unique max vacuum mode for D10, and more. All three robots feature LaserSmart technology and utilize the same kind of LiDAR technology found in many autonomous cars to support SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) navigation. Unlike camera-based robot vacuums that capture images of users and their environment, Neato’s LiDAR technology enables Neato to scan its environment using lasers and clean in low light to dark conditions, including at night and under furniture, all without compromising the user’s privacy and security. Neato also offers world-class encryption to store the mapping coordinates both on board the products and in the cloud and does not share or sell user data. “Designed with our customers in mind, the new Neato D10, D9 and D8 are the most robust, intelligent, and secure robots Neato has ever made. We achieved this through a careful and thorough audit of both hardware and software, including finding inspiration from other industries’ technologies and best-practices. The new platform which the robot vacuums are built on represents the path for future Neato models. We lead the market across key metrics, including all three models’ dust pick up on hard surfaces, D10’s longest 300-minutes run time and D10’s filtration with the introduction of the first on board true HEPA filter”, said Neato CEO, Thomas Nedder.