Hotpoint presents the new GentlePower range


Hotpoint presents the new range of GentlePower washing machines, built with 87% recyclable materials. These appliances guarantee great efficiency in the use of resources, allowing user to save up to 59% of water, 65% of energy and 30% of detergent for each washing, thanks to the innovative GentlePower technology and the Auto Dose function. The GentlePower technology consists of a clean water recirculation system that evenly distributes the water by spraying it from the top of the drum directly onto the laundry. Compared to the traditional washing machines – which release water and detergent inside the drum before being heated – this technology ensures that only the necessary energy and water are used. In addition, the silent Power Drive motor and the Silence side panels minimize the vibrations. Other pluses of the product are the anti-allergy and anti-stain programs. Finally, the Steam 3.0 function uses the steam for three different solutions: for the hygiene; to refresh and regenerate clothes in just twenty minutes; and to keep the laundry soft and fluffy.


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