Miele opts for green steel from Salzgitter


The Miele Group has opted for Salzgitter AG’s green steel in its drive to reduce its carbon footprint. The company is sourcing just under 24 tons of low CO₂ steel a month as part of a pilot project. The steel is used in all cookers and ovens with a diameter of 60 centimeters. The CO₂ emissions generated by the manufacturing process are reduced by more than 66% in this material by harnessing climate-friendly energy sources and reusing steel scrap. In introducing this change, Miele is making an initial contribution to further reducing emissions from purchased goods and services (Scope 3.1). This year, Miele has already announced its intention to operate in a CO₂-neutral manner across all its production locations in terms of greenhouse gas emissions from its own combustion processes (Scope 1) and the emissions of its energy suppliers (Scope 2). At the start of September, the company also announced a specific target for emissions from the utilization phase of Miele appliances, which account for the bulk of what is referred to as Scope 3: by 2030, these emissions will be reduced by 15% compared to 2019 with reference to the total consumption of all appliances in active use. “At the same time, we are intensively engaging in investigating options for optimising purchased goods and services”, says Miele’s Executive Director Technology Stefan Breit. These emissions account for almost 13% of all CO₂ emissions that are connected to Miele.