Italy: positive dynamics for small domestic appliances


According to the Findomestic Observatory, in the first nine months of 2021 the Small domestic appliances market in Italy presented positive dynamics. The growing trend in turnover is mainly attributable to the “food preparation” and “home care” segments. The demand for products in the “personal care” segment recorded a more contained increase. Analyzing GfK data for the first nine months of 2021, reported by the Observatory, the “food preparation” segment shows an increase of 15.5% in value and 11.9% in volume, representing almost 36% of the SDA market. Within the segment, the significant contribution of the coffee machines stands out with sales up by 25.5% (value). After the jump of 2020, the sales of kitchen machines have instead settled (-3.1% in value). Finally, a strong growth in fryer sales was recorded (almost +150%).
The “home care” segment had a growth of 11.5% in value and 5.6% in volume. A dynamic supported by the positive performance of the vacuum cleaners: +14.5% in value and +6.4% in volume. Positive results (almost +9% in value) also for the irons.
Within the “personal care” segment (+5.7% in value and +2% in volume), the performance of the hair care products stands out, primarily hairdryers (about +13% in value). Hair clippers, on the other hand, after the strong growth in 2020, show a decline of 31.5%. Furthermore, the contribution of products and solutions related to the dental hygiene is also significant, recording an increase in sales of 25.7%. The shaving products show a substantial settlement on the high levels reached, recording a decrease of about 2%.