Gifam: in France the household appliance sector grows by 7.6%


The Gifam association, based on data from GfK Market Intelligence, announced that in 2021 the household appliance sector in France grew by 7.6% in value, reaching a turnover of 9.9 billion euros. With 16.6 million appliances sold and a turnover of 6 billion euros, the Major Domestic Appliances achieved an increase of +10.8% in value and +4.6% in volume. Considering the different segments, Cooking (33% of the market in value) grew by 13.2%, followed by Washing (38% of the market in value, +10.3%). Besides, Refrigeration represents 24% of the market in value and continues to grow (+8.7%). As regards to the Small Domestic Appliances, the segment totaled 57.3 million appliances sold in 2021 for a turnover of 3.9 billion euros. Small appliances achieved growth of +2.9% in value and +0.9% in volume.