Oldrati Group’s business strategy: new technologies and sustainability


The study and research of technologies that are more and more innovative and at the same time able to respect the environment represent the main objective of Oldrati, a Group operating in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products. Oldrati Group has shown that it is possible to produce in an eco-sustainable way without renouncing to the high production quality that guarantees a high service to the customer. “Our ongoing innovation program aimed at strengthening and perfecting innovative and sustainable technologies and processes that differentiate us in the marketplace also continues with concrete investments in new production plants across the Group – said Manuel Oldrati, CEO of Oldrati Group –. We continue to work and invest to strengthen new competencies and develop technologically advanced solutions. We also pay attention to the improvement of well-being in the workplace because in Oldrati it is important to build a stimulating and challenging environment where we can express ourselves at our best”. Oldrati believes that developing winning solutions but above all with low environmental impact is the future in which to invest, also from the point of view of the development of industrial production processes. In fact, the decision to use new technologies has been conditioned by many factors including the minimal impact that such technology can cause on the environment. Plasma treatment for two-component products (2K technology) is an example of this. But not only, this technological innovation allows to optimize the production time and costs in the Italian plants of the Oldrati Group, being able to produce at the same time a totally robotized double mounding, without forgetting the sustainable value to the production. With a view to the Group’s productive and sustainable innovation, more than 5 million euros have been invested in Oldrati’s product poles in 2021. These investments allow to respond to the needs of an ever-changing market by increasing performance and production efficiency. There are dozens of new state-of-the-art production lines that facilitate electronic control, ensure process optimization and improve the efficiency of energy consumption.

New laboratory R&D Center for new product development
The new 260 sqm Product Development Laboratory has been inaugurated in September 2021: despite the current historical period full of uncertainties and important unknowns, Oldrati Group has decided to invest in infrastructure, tools, personnel and training. The purpose of the New Product Development Laboratory is to enclose in a single place different skills and different professionalism to test the products simulating the real conditions of use. This diversity of contents and consequently of equipment and methods, allows to test every item from the prototype phase to the finished product, in order to guarantee products perfectly complying with customers’ specifications in a Zero Defect Approach. In addition to the new environments, the focus of investments is on new innovative machinery, which allows the best evaluation of each component in order to meet the specific needs of customers.

The growth of the Group is achieved both with investments in production technologies but also thanks to the contribution of people. In recent months Oldrati Group has chosen to invest in solutions that improve the quality of life in the company and that make the lunch break more pleasant and that contribute to the respect of the environment. For this reason, the three Lunch Rooms have been completely renovated, seating about 150 people and featuring an automated food distribution system that combats food waste. The automated system makes it possible to offer the service to users even in locations with few workers where otherwise a traditional canteen would not be able to cover the costs of the structure. The dispensers are fed according to consumption, this allows to almost completely reduce food waste. Dishes are cooked at a restaurant and prepared with the “Cook and chill” methodology: the food is cooked, immediately knocked down, portioned in paper trays and packaged in a protective atmosphere: this means that no use is made of conservative. The new Lunch Rooms are present in warm and bright environments and are available h24: the innovation does not lie in the fact of having a refreshment service, but in the h24 opening, giving the possibility to offer dishes to all employees and all shifts and in the almost total elimination of waste. Not only that, each dish can be booked by each employee through the company App, so that the process is digitized and easily accessible by each employee at any time of the working day.