Electrolux launches a new microplastic filter for washing machines


Electrolux launches a new filter for washing machines that can prevent up to 90% of microplastic fibers, larger than 45 microns, being released from synthetic clothing during laundering. The new filter, made with at least 50% recycled plastic, has a cartridge with a thin mesh filter that catches the microplastic fibers as they are released from synthetic clothing in the washing process. When the filter needs cleaning, users can then dispose of the microplastic fibers in the household waste. The filter works with Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi washing machines, secured to a wall by the machine. According to “The Truth About Laundry Microplastic Edition”, a new report from Electrolux, 94% of all adults do not know how much plastic is in clothes. When put to a fiber test, 68% of Europeans were unaware that Nylon is a plastic fiber nor did 62% know Polyester, the world’s commonly used fiber, is plastic. Part of the problem, according to Sarah Schaefer, Electrolux VP Sustainability (Europe), is a lack of awareness of what “synthetic” means. “We have become so accustomed to the phrase ‘synthetic material’ that the majority of us have lost sight of the fact that most of these synthetic materials are actually plastic – said Schaefer -. Our research shows that there is an urgent need to help people understand more about the materials they are buying and how best to care for them as well as encouraging as many people as possible to adopt more environmentally positive laundry practices. By taking a series of small steps, including installing a microplastic filter, each of us can reduce our environmental impact from textiles”.