Earth Day: InSinkErator’s proposals to defend the Planet


On the occasion of the Earth Day, InSinkErator proposes four products that help contribute to the Planet protection. Against food waste the company suggests the garbage disposal appliance, which manages the organic residues by shredding them until they are reduced to a semi-liquid stage and eliminating them through the sink drain.

InSinkErator garbage disposal appliance

In addition, to avoid wasting water, the US brand offers the 3N1 and 4N1 Touch taps that deliver healthy and economical filtered water. These products also ensures very hot water at a temperature of 99°C. The taps are combined with the innovative Neotank, a high-tech stainless steel boiler. It has a glossy white finish and a touch screen display, which guarantees a simple use. The temperature control is electronic: the new thermostat with front touch controls has a higher temperature adjustment accuracy (0.5°C) compared to the previous manual version. When the water in the tank reaches the required temperature (between 71°-99°C), the resistance is automatically deactivated for reduced energy consumption.

NeoChiller (on the right)

Finally, NeoChiller is the innovative unit that immediately delivers chilled and filtered water without flavors and odors at a temperature between 3°C and 10°C. Thanks to this product it is possible to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.