Electrolux unveils a new Product Recyclability Tool


At the Circular Initiative event in Stockholm, Electrolux unveiled a new Product Recyclability Tool to support its ambitious circularity goals. The prototype tool builds on the knowledge gathered during the company’s ongoing collaboration with Stena Recycling to explore circular solutions. Stena Recycling collects discarded electric consumer products and breaks them down into raw materials for new products or for energy recovery. “The tool will enable our design and engineering teams to explore recyclability right from the beginning of the design process so we can create products that are even more recyclable, so their components can continue their life as useful materials – says Vanessa Butani, VP Group Sustainability –. The tool is still in the early stages of development and the next step for us will be to open the process to other companies, working together to expand its functionality, data quality and market relevance”. Over the past three years, Electrolux has worked closely with Stena Recycling to understand what happens to its products at their end of life and how it is possible improve product circularity. In 2020, the partnership developed a prototype vacuum cleaner made with 100% recycled materials and reused components and in 2021 a prototype vacuum cleaner that is 90% recyclable.
“Our deep investigation in the vacuum cleaner category has been particularly useful in understanding our material choices and design decisions that benefit both quality and recyclability – says Barry Waddilove, Sustainability Director Development & Collaborations –. In 2022, we are expanding these studies across all our major product categories including dishwashers, fridges and cookers”.