Samsung vacuum engineers describe the development of Bespoke Jet


Samsung vacuum cleaner engineer and project leader Jongkuk Lim and his team illustrate the development of Bespoke Jet. Performance and ease of use were just two of the many factors that Samsung considered: “Markets around the world are quickly shifting from corded vacuum cleaners to a cordless robot or stick vacuums, which help reduce manual labor – said Lim –. Because many homes outside of Korea are carpeted and have pets, it is essential for stick vacuums to offer excellent performance regardless of the type of flooring, and a sufficiently long battery time to cover the entire house. These are the most basic yet important consumer needs”.

From left to right: vacuum engineers Hun Kang, Yoonkyung Cho, Jongkuk Lim and Daon Lee.

That difference between homes in Samsung’s native Korea and those abroad underlines the importance of tailoring appliances to meet a wide range of consumer needs. As Lim noted, when developing the Bespoke Jet, Samsung prioritized cleaning performance and runtime while also ensuring that the device would deliver on two key aspects of vacuum design that are becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers: hygiene and weight. “Korean consumers are largely satisfied with suction power, brushes and battery performance, but what sets them apart from other consumers is that they are very sensitive about vacuum weight – said Lim –. They prefer strong yet lightweight vacuums”. Besides, Samsung equipped the Bespoke Jet with a Multi-layered Filtration System that traps up to 99.9999% of dust particles. As air is sucked in, the main cyclone separates large dust particles, which are picked up in a metal mesh grille filter. Samsung’s patented Jet Cyclone and micro filter then catch fine dust particles. Finally, a fine dust filter traps micro dust that can easily escape.

To illustrate how the Bespoke Jet caters to regional differences, vacuum development team member Hun Kang noted how people in certain countries are accustomed to wearing shoes at home, while others take them off. “Those who live in countries where people are expected to take their shoes off inside often live in houses with wooden floors – said Kang –. We generally see high demand in these countries for wet mops”. To meet their needs, Kang added, the Bespoke Jet comes with the Spray Spinning Sweeper. Its antibacterial mop pads are reusable, and it enables users to manually spray as much water as they want without worrying about the mop pads drying out.
This commitment to cleanliness is reflected in features like the vacuum’s All-in-One Clean Station, which automatically empties the dustbin. As team member Daon Lee explained, this convenient feature is becoming increasingly more important. “A few years ago, only a handful of robot vacuum cleaners could automatically empty their dustbin – said Lee –. However, since the introduction of the Samsung Jet Clean Station, this capability has become a core function of vacuum cleaners, including stick models. With the growing need for hygienic products, being able to automatically empty the dustbin is no longer a ‘bonus’ for vacuums; it’s a key purchasing factor”. When the Bespoke Jet is docked, the All-in-One Clean Station automatically begins charging the device and empties the dustbin so users don’t have to. When emptying the dustbin, the Air Pulse technology utilizes strong air pressure to prevent fine dust particles from scattering in the air.

Suction power was another key consideration for Lim and his team. The enhancements the team introduced in the new model maximize suction power by amplifying efficiency. “The Bespoke Jet is equipped with a more advanced Digital Inverter Motor that is faster, smaller and more efficient than a typical motor, and also has a longer-lasting battery life – said Lim –. This lighter motor produces incredible suction power. It’s capable of rotating at up to 135,000rpm, which is a significant improvement over the previous model’s maximum speed of 110,000rpm”. The vacuum’s suction power is bolstered by Jet Cyclone technology. Equipped with 27 air holes that minimize suction loss, the feature’s high-efficiency multi-cyclone structure creates an optimal air path that reduces air resistance around the dustbin and hygienically traps fine dust particles sucked into the vacuum.
Lim also shed some light on how Samsung complemented the Bespoke Jet’s innovations with a lightweight design. “At just 2.44kg, the upgraded Bespoke Jet boasts the lightest weight in its class thanks to its high-performance, extremely lightweight motor that was developed through close collaboration between Samsung’s motor development team and others – said Lim –. We also reduced the diameter of a drum inside the Slim Action Brush from 62mm to 44mm to make the brush even lighter and reduce wrist fatigue while cleaning”.
Besides, Samsung worked also to equip the Bespoke Jet with an eye-catching design. As Lim explained, enhancing the vacuum’s form required careful coordination with Samsung’s design team to explore how to offer users more convenience while maintaining the device’s elegant aesthetic. “Through a series of discussions with the design team, we were able to come up with the All-in-One Clean Station, which can hold the stick cleaner without a separate cradle – said Lim –. This enables the vacuum to look much sleeker while also taking up less space”.
Other convenience-focused enhancements included the decision to add a soft roller to the Jet Dual Brush to pick up large dust particles from hard floors, and equip the vacuum with an intuitive LCD display and a long-lasting detachable battery. For the soft roller, team member Yoonkyung Cho explained: “We created several mockups in different styles to develop the most optimal design that would allow the front part of the brush to move in a natural way. The intuitive digital LCD display allows users to monitor key indicators such as runtime for each mode, charging time, maintenance and repair instructions for easy control and management, while the lightweight detachable battery guarantees up to 120 minutes of runtime. This means that users no longer need to worry about their vacuum’s battery running out while cleaning”.
Finally, Lim and his team have a clear idea of what the future development of the Bespoke Jet and other vacuum products should look like. “My ambition is to provide the most optimal cleaning solutions based on consumers’ lifestyles that analyze cleaning patterns with the help of AI technologies”, affirmed Lim.