Sabaf invests in induction cooking components


Sabaf Group enters the market of induction cooking components, which scores a double-digit growth, completing and enriching its offer that addresses the household appliance cooking sector. The company presented this important novelty on May 31st at the Ospitaletto (Brescia) headquarters.

Flexi cook configuration with square coils

Sabaf Group writes a new chapter in the household appliance cooking sector, widening and completing its offer with induction cooking components. «The widening of the offer range in complementary sectors is one of the key targets of our Group’s 2018-2022 industrial plan and it pursues various goals: gaining new competences, developing the network of relationships with big household appliance manufacturers, implementing a portfolio of forefront strongly innovative products, in conformity with ecologic transition principles», explains Pietro Iotti, CEO of Sabaf. «In particular, in the cooking sector for household appliances, within 2023, Sabaf will have at disposal the complete range of currently available technologies: gas cooking components, since 1950; radiant cooking components (pyroceram), since 2020; induction cooking components, since 2023». Precisely the latter are protagonists of a double-digit market growth. «The Group now enters induction cooking components, a market that in 2021 scored in Europe sales amounting to 3 billion Euros and has stably grown for some years, with a rate exceeding 10%», Iotti tells. «The range extension to induction components is enabled by a strong investment plan, which the Group has accomplished by setting up a dedicated project team in Italy. The research and development activity has also availed itself of the competences by Okida, Turkish leader company in electronic components that is member of our Group, where a part of the components will be produced. Supported by a team of over 50 electronic engineers overall, Sabaf has in-house developed its project know-how, also through proprietary patents, software and hardware, and it aims at creating innovative products, able to satisfy at best manufacturers’ requirements and new consumer trends».

Inverter board for 4 inductors model HB124 for premium ranges
Inverter board QR122 for core-core + ranges

A customizable offer
Iotti in-depth explains the main advantages assured by Sabaf components for induction cooking. «The proprietary project development will allow us to offer customized products to household appliance manufacturers, to enhance flexibility and to generate innovation in the sector. This project will have a disruptive meaning in the Group’s strategic evolution and it is framed in the transformation path we have been carrying out for some years now to rank as all-round player in the sector of “smart appliances”». Therefore, the offer of induction cooking components is framed inside a particularly ambitious programme that, precisely for this reason, will be accompanied by significant communication and marketing initiatives, to spread the knowledge of new components on the market.

Pietro Iotti, Ceo of Sabaf

«Our project provides for the development of components intended for medium-high end products and our ambition consists in becoming reference suppliers for all world producers of induction hobs and stoves that research technologically advanced innovative products, featuring high-quality, to be customized in terms of specifications and performances», Iotti confirms. Therefore, the highlight of Sabaf’s proposal and message is the absolute mastery and control, in terms of competences and know-how, of the new induction cooking project. «Having developed the project autonomously», Iotti confirms, «we can offer all demanded functions, like assisted cooking or flexible zones, for instance, to our customers. Moreover, our Research and Development Centre can customize product functions and characteristics, in compliance with our customers’ indications». «The most important communication effort –Iotti adds – will obviously and mainly concern the customers with which we have had consolidated relationships for years, with the certainty they are interested in our offer’s features, both regarding the applied forefront technology and the flexibility of our platforms and the possibility of customizing products according to their requirements. Concerning communication in the strict sense, we have purposely studied a long-term campaign for the release of this new product line on both our site and on our social channels».

Inductor with assisted cooking sensor

The roadmap is ready
Moreover, the induction cooking matches the theme of sustainability and energy efficiency, today extremely sensitive issue. «Sabaf Group intends to proceed on the sustainable growth road while protecting the environment», Iotti highlights. «The competences and the technologies on which we rely, consolidated through huge investments in research and development, today establish the conditions for us to propose, also in the electronics segment, competitive forefront products in the application of sustainability principles. This concept is concretized in the range of electrical Electromagnetic Induction hobs that join electric Radiant hobs (pyroceram) in production for a couple of years, together with very high efficiency gas burners». The induction offer planned by Sabaf neither fears the current challenge of raw materials’ provisioning. «The stress on markets is still strong but we have planned the provisioning of all necessary components with extreme care, providing for the use of easily interchangeable microchips, to allow us the purchase from diversified sources and to reduce the shortage risk», Iotti underlines. Backed by these sound bases, Sabaf has outlined a precise roadmap that will find its efficient driving engine in the Group’s tested market partnerships. «The first prototypes will be presented next months, whereas the production will start within the first 2023-semester. The distribution, scheduled on a global scale, will primarily exploit the existing partnerships in the gas segment with leader household appliance manufacturers, but will also focus on the producers specialized in induction cooking», Iotti ends.

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