EuroCucina/FTK: Electrolux unveils GRO


During EuroCucina/FTK, Electrolux is unveiling an innovative kitchen concept which, by rethinking the space, encourages people to eat more sustainably. It is characterized by modular solutions with sensors and artificial intelligence and it is based on the EAT-Lancet report. “Electrolux aims to make sustainable food the first choice of consumers by 2030, and GRO is the proof. Challenging the traditional kitchen concept, we have completely rethought it by leveraging a revolutionary design. The goal is to help people change their habits by making planet-friendly nutrition more accessible and agreeable”, says Tove Chevalley, Head of Electrolux Innovation Hub. The GRO concept and the development of its appliances are entirely based on data and behavioral studies. The project also aims to discover how the latter can contribute to a greener diet. Inspired by experts, chefs, early adopters and thousands of consumers, GRO encourages people to act according to the guidance of the EAT-Lancet report. As part of a cuisine that is increasingly oriented towards the consumption of vegetables, the tendency to reinvent dishes is gaining momentum at a global level, combining processes and flavors to improve the taste experience. Technical specifications previously used to prepare meat-based recipes have now been adopted for vegetable-based preparations. GRO’s “Nordic smoker”, for example, allows user to smoke ingredients at home, inviting to the combination of different flavors. The concept’s digital platform will help consumers understand their eating habits and their impact on the planet, providing personal goals to follow, guidance and the ability to measure the improvements over time. GRO will also give advice on the recipes to prepare, on local products and on sustainable foods to buy according to the taste, nutritional needs and ingredients available in the refrigerator. GRO’s insights will form the basis for the development of the Electrolux products in order to improve the future models, making them suitable to support a more sustainable lifestyle. “GRO represents our ideal of kitchen: a vision that will inspire and guide our innovations in the future, guiding us towards our sustainability goals,” adds Chevalley. At EuroCucina/FTK, Electrolux also presents the new 700 Series refrigerators with GreenZone/GreenZone+ drawer and the 800 Series Cooling 360° refrigeratos with 40% improved temperature distribution compared to refrigerators without Cooling 360°. In addition, the company also offers two new induction hobs with integrated hood, equipped with Hob2Hood technology.