Electrolux: new intuitive and sustainable refrigerators


Electrolux presented the 700 Series refrigerators with GreenZone/GreenZone+ drawer and the 800 Series Cooling 360° refrigerators, part of the new built-in range. These products reduce CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the previous range, and over 80% of the material can be recycled. The development of the new refrigerators took three years of work. The main technical features of these products are: less waste of plastic (the plastic from disused refrigerators is recycled to create new ones and the 700 GreenZone model is made with 50% recycled plastic in the internal sides of the covering); 45% more capacity with MaxiSpace, the refrigerator 75 cm wide and 190 cm high; longer-lasting food preservation with GreenZone technology (up to 95% of vitamins preserved longer thanks to the sealed drawer); improvement of temperature distribution up to 40% with Cooling 360°; and TwinTech Total No Frost technology (two independent cooling systems). Furthermore, Ecometer encourages users to make more sustainable energy choices.


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