BASF: new flame-retardant polyphthalamides


BASF expands its polyphthalamide (PPA) portfolio by a variety of flame retardant grades that combine high thermal stability with excellent electrical insulation and low water uptake. They are characterized by high electrical RTI values (RTI=relative thermal index) above 140°C while being halogen-free according to EN 50642, thus preventing corrosion and failure of electrical parts when used under moist conditions. The non-halogenated PPAs based on PA9T, PA66/6T, PA6T/66 and PA6T/6 also allow for better colorability and long color stability. With these new flame retardant grades, BASF offers a tailored E&E portfolio which opens new possibilities for applications like connectors for power or data transmission in appliances, vehicles, consumer electronics etc.
The product range includes the easily processable Ultramid® One J 60X1 V30, a PA66/6T acquired from Solvay and now available globally to customers from BASF. Together with the PPA pioneer Ultramid® TKR 4340G6 (PA6T/6), it not only offers the highest electrical RTI value of 160°C but also very easy processability. The PA9T Ultramid® Advanced N3U41G6 shows an electrical RTI of 150°C at extremely low water uptake, which is crucial for SMT (surface mount technology) processing. Its chemical resistance combined with the most stable mechanical performance of all PPAs at elevated temperatures make it especially suitable for electronic applications. Ultramid® Advanced T2340G6 is a PA6T/66 with very good flowability with an electrical RTI of 150°C and ideally suited for e.g. wire-to-board and board-to-board connectors.
All the flame retardant materials in the PPA portfolio keep their high mechanical and dielectric strength at elevated temperatures. They show very good dimensional stability due to low and slow water uptake as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion. They allow for V-0 rating at thicknesses down to < 0.4 mm and are in agreement with the cable management standard CMS EN 50654 (2018-05). Thus E&E parts benefit from the flame retardant PPA grades by maintaining their mechanical and electrical properties after heat aging and long-term usage.