SharkNinja enters the Italian market


SharkNinja, an American brand specializing in the household appliances sector, expands its business in Europe and enters the Italian market. The company combines two brands: Shark (household appliances for cleaning and personal care) and Ninja (cooking solutions: from blenders and food processors to air fryers, multicookers and cooking devices). Furthermore, SharkNinja can count on 3 research and development hubs, located in the UK, USA and China. Among Shark’s latest innovations there are the Flexology tube (which allows the vacuum cleaners to flex easily to reach even the most hidden dirt) and the Anti Hair Wrap technology, which helps to avoid the formation of hair wrap on the vacuum cleaner brush. Instead, the Ninja products are characterized by multiple functions and automatic programs. “Our vision has always been very simple: to innovate in order to create the best products for our customers. We are a dynamic company with a strong focus on research, innovation and user satisfaction. SharkNinja has already enjoyed great success in United States and the United Kingdom, where our ability to foster an innovative thinking environment, simplify people’s lives and provide high quality products, rated ‘5 stars’ by our consumers, is consolidated “- comments Tom Brown, President UK and Europe -. During the pandemic, with consumers spending more time at home, the demand for appliances has increased considerably, so we see great potential for our brands in the Italian market and we are confident that the technology and innovation that distinguish us, in addition to our quality products and excellent customer service, will certainly be appreciated”.