Sabaf Group: product and process innovation


Among the companies that manufacture also gas cooking components, Sabaf Group stands out for the technologies used, fruit of investments in research and development, oriented to energy saving and correct disposal.

In the ambit of components for gas cooking household appliances, since 1950 has operated Sabaf, a company headquartered at Ospitaletto (Bs) that produces taps, thermostats and gas burners and today has become a multinational with five manufacturing sites in Italy, Brazil, Turkey and China. The enterprise invests around 3% of its yearly turnover in research and development, to create safer and safer components that allow decreasing the atmospheric pollution and maximising the energy resource saving in end users’ both production and use phase. Nicola Belpietro, Executive Regional Sales Director of Sabaf Group, tells how they work at components in this sector.

What are the main technological innovations in your new products?
Today Sabaf Group consists of three divisions: gas, hinges and electronics. Each of them implements very different products one another, however transversally exploited by the same household appliance sectors: cooking, washing and refrigeration. Moreover, each branch is characterized by a different technological content. Our research and development offices are constantly at work to develop new products/technologies or to update existing ones, to be able to supply the market with the most advanced and demanded solution. Innovation, in our case, does not concern only the product but also the process. This factor allows us to keep qualitative and environmental compliance standards high.

Nicola Belpietro, Executive Regional Sales Director of Sabaf Group

What innovative components or materials have you used for your customers that implement hobs, ovens and hoods?
In the gas sector, utmost attention has always been paid to efficiency, meant as burners’ lower gas consumption. Although the European regulation requires 52% minimum, we can offer products with 69% efficiencies: over 30% more efficient than the regulatory minimum. We are the world leader manufacturer of hinges and in the last 15 years our innovation has been characterized by the release of the first cushioned hinge for ovens (both in opening and closure) that today has become the market standard. More recently, the powered hinge has been released, with possibility of opening or closing oven doors with vocal controls via smartphone or through tablet, without the user’s direct intervention. In the electronics sector, innovation comes with the application of smart or IoT solutions equipping ovens and hoods.

Sabaf cushioned hinge allows opening and closing oven doors with vocal controls via smartphone or through tablet

What about your customers?
We collaborate with customers of all kinds: from the smallest producer to the big multinational Group. Along the years, we have developed various products upon customers’ specific demand or customizing existing products for customers’ specific requirements.

Are new products sustainable? How do they share in saving energy and in more protecting the environment?
Our research and development centres are constantly committed to implementing products that, due to the manufacturing process, materials exploited, use during the service life and possible disposal at life end, are as innovative and eco-compatible as possible. The process innovation can sometimes exert higher impact on the environment than the finished product in itself.


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