Oweld: green hydrogen in brazing

Oweld 30000HD
Refrigerator brazing with Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator and double tip nozzle

Oxyweld, with Oweld brand, was founded in Italy in 1981. With the years the company established itself as a successful manufacturer of oxy-hydrogen gas generators for brazing in refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator, also called water gas generator, converts distilled water into oxygen and hydrogen gas through the electrolysis process. Instead of using the old conventional gas cylinders, this eco-technology is a touch of good and green innovation in a conservative industry.
Thanks to the specific flame properties, this green technology is specific for pipe brazing like copper, aluminium, brass, steel brazing. Can braze from small capillary up to big diameters. Oxyweld produces a wide range of gas generators with different capacities according to the customer needs. Oweld gas generators can be installed in small productions, for a flexible usage, or can be centralized in case of mass productions. The main advantages are: perfect mixed flame and standardized brazing process; less leaks in the cooling circuit in the after sale; less oxidation in the brazed joint; skilled operators not required; gas production on demand (no storage of gas); working pressure >0,5 bar; no fumes, no CO₂ emissions.

Copper tube brazing with Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator model 20000HD

Oxyweld maintains a global presence in over than 75 countries with extensive local coverage through dealers and service centers strategically located in key manufacturing regions around the world. In recent years the company has invested heavily in research and development activities and the last release is the gas generator series specific for the Industry 4.0.
Oxyweld will exhibit its products at the 2022 MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan, from June 28th to July 1st.

Circuit brazed with Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator model 10000HD