The modern kitchen that combines high technology and design


The world of kitchen appliances increasingly blends high performance and aesthetics with solutions that bring professional technologies into consumers’ homes without forgetting design, both for the finished products and for components that are visible. An example is the Series 12 Epicure by ARC (brand of the Sabaf Group), characterized by a new burner that brings the level of professional cooking to the domestic kitchen. Thanks to its horizontal Venturi, it can be inserted into small spaces, furthermore the materials used are of high quality: cast iron for the burner body and brass for the flame-spreader, while the underlying part is made up of a die-cast aluminum elbow and a brass Venturi tube.

Series 12 Epicure burner by ARC (Sabaf Group)

Still in the field of cooking, technologically advanced appliances allow home cooks to cook like chefs. For example, the SuperOven by Unox Casa (available in the two versions Model 1 and Model 1S) offers the opportunity to carry out any type of cooking, even those that are generally not possible in traditional domestic ovens (such as grilling, frying, sous vide cooking, smoking, dehydrating etc.). Thanks to the sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, it is possible to cook food evenly and faster than a normal oven. Besides, SuperOven cleans itself and digitally connects to the “Cook like a chef” platform to share recipes and experiences.
As regards to the preparation of drinks, Zerica recently presented the innovative “Mix&Go!” cocktail machine. The device, with a personalized selection of up to 16 basic ingredients, allows user to choose from a menu of classic cocktails, which includes over 400 recipes, and prepare them quickly and easily. “Mix&Go!” is combined with the Auxilia app, created by the company, to remotely monitor every parameter of the machine and control its consumption.

“Mix&Go!” cocktail machine by Zerica

Finally, considering the conservation of wine, the tendency to combine sophisticated style and technology is visible for example in the wine cellars of the Della Marta brand. The Expo Professional line, in particular, designed by Massimo Della Marta, is characterized by high-tech wine cellars that become refined furnishing objects.