Standard MAG-MATE IDC terminals for magnet wire terminations by TE


TE offers a full selection of Standard MAG-MATE Insulation Displacement Crimp (IDC) terminals for magnet wire terminations. MAG-MATE terminals are available in poke-in, poke-in tab, splice, crimp wire barrel, solder post, quick connect tab, pin and receptacle styles. “Standard MAG-MATE terminates magnet wire ranging from 34-12 AWG [0.16-2.05 mm] – the company says –. Each IDC slot size terminates a range of up to four consecutive magnet wire sizes. Two magnet wires with the same diameter can be terminated in one terminal except as noted. Our newest addition to the MAG-MATE family, Nano MAG-MATE terminals, offer a space-saving 1.5 mm pitch and accommodate single or double wire 30-40 AWG (0.08-0.25mm dia.) copper magnet wires”.