Changes in the corporate governance of Polti

Francesca Polti, President and CEO of Polti

Changes in the corporate governance of Polti Spa: Teresa Napoli Polti, co-founder of the company with her husband Franco Polti and until now Sole Director of Polti SpA, will remain as senior consultant, in addition to holding important positions in other companies of the Group. The Board of Directors is now composed of Francesca Polti (appointed President and CEO) and the councilors Stefano Polti and Walter Lironi. Lironi’s entry into the Board of Directors indicates the family’s willingness to open up the corporate governance to the outside: the manager, Senior Vice President of Visa International, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano” and an MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston. “The generational change – declared Francesca Polti – aims to pass on the values that we have inherited, to apply them to the new way of doing business today. The solidity of our company allows us to take advantage of the enormous wealth of experience of Polti’s founders, my father and my mother, to continue to embrace innovation, technology, sustainability, the future in short. In this evolution, for us very important, we are happy to have at our side a more than authoritative external voice in the international economic and financial field, like that of Walter ”.