The first wet & dry battery driven power nozzle for commercial and domestic appliances


The need of cleaning and removing debris and dust from walkable surfaces, starting from carpets and fitted carpets of different kinds, in a short time and with high performances, highlights the nozzle: performing component to integrate in-depth cleaning, usability and use versatility.

Less time taken for the cleaning work execution and higher performances on different surface types. The domestic and professional vacuum-cleaning sector orients its research field to these cornerstones.
The nozzle, in particular, is the “forefront” component to assure the efficacy of the result. To meet the market requirements, New Ermes Europe has developed the new Electro Brush model NEPB19-R, suitable for the vacuum cleaning addressed for domestic and professional cleaning sectors. With focus on sustainability: for the production and management of batteries, New Ermes Europe has found in Einhell Germany AG company the partner that, besides assuring the reliability of its batteries for the do-it-yourself, gardening and hobby sectors, marketed in over 90 Countries in the world, shares the same way of thinking and acting in the social responsibility issue as well as the strategy of values and environmental sustainability.

Versatile for Wet&Dry use
The Electro Brush model NEPB19-R is designed for Wet&Dry use modality, due to the power supply with interchangeable rechargeable Einhell battery equipped with charge indicator, removable cover fixed by magnets and user-friendly opening/ closing. The recharge process occurs through Einhell Power X-Fastcharger 4A battery charger. Depending on the selected motor speed, the operation time of the nozzle ranges from 45 minutes to two hours: the high-performance electronic board allows working by selecting the roller rotation speed according to the user’s time availability for the activity execution, the area sizes and obviously the type of surface to be cleaned. The “safety” system is equipped with electronic control featuring quick restart. The main ON/OFF switch is activated by the joint release.

To make the use of NEPB19-R Electro Brush smoother, it has been included an adjustable air intake from the top, provided with a filter to optimize the vacuum-cleaning on carpets and fitted carpets with different hair, density and thickness, assuring the constant contact between rollers and surfaces. The front removable cover is fixed by magnets to facilitate roller cleaning and replacement operations, as well as for the eventual substitution of the HTD transmission belt. Usability, maneuverability and performances are granted by the anti-shock roller system guaranteed by the gear connection with overmoulded element, the possible equipment with four roller typologies made with ABS main body, big-size soft rear wheels with POM anti- clogging bearings and small-size soft front wheels.
The LED high-power front light provides excellent visibility to identify the smallest debris to be removed. To assure solidity and simultaneous handiness, design and materials play a decisive role: the front bumper upon request and the structure of the main ABS body. The size of 350 millimetres for a weight of around 2.6 kilograms, assure the cleaning of a 310-millimetre large surface.