BSH’s smart kitchen at IFA 2022


Smart cooking is at the heart of BSH’s new products presented at IFA 2022. The Group provides connectivity for all its latest appliances, which can be integrated into the Home Connect ecosystem and therefore communicate with each other. Consumers can use their appliances in the traditional way via touch displays and controls, or interact with the oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or hood via the Home Connect app, voice assistants and smartwatches. Added to this are innovations such as the oven which, thanks to the artificial intelligence, responds to the needs of the user with remote control and providing suggestions for the correct setting of the cooking or the preferred degree of browning. The new Smart Kitchen Dock, a special console to manage the appliances through a voice-controlled intelligent display, represents a new concept of living the kitchen. Applications such as the foodfittery app inspire and suggest recipes, simplifying the user’s life. Besides, the new Premium washing machines also help to minimize energy and water consumption, as well as the amount of detergent required for each wash, thanks to the clear visibility of the consumption data and customized setting options. This is made possible, among the other things, by a highly efficient water management and the innovative i-DOS automatic dosing function with detergent recognition. The new oven series, on the other hand, was developed based 100% on consumer feedback. The iQ700 range from Siemens offers for the first time a cooking method that uses the artificial intelligence. The combination of sensor technology, user feedback and intelligent algorithms ensures that the cooking results are optimally adapted to the individual preferences: for example, a dedicated sensor guarantees the desired degree of browning for pizza, lasagna, croissants, etc. The cooking process is constantly monitored by a camera. Once the desired browning level is reached, the oven switches off automatically. The internal cavity of the oven can also be captured in real time through the camera via the Home Connect app. The cooking assistant function has been updated in the Home Connect app so that more specific programs for dishes can be used, in addition to the standard heating modes, thus ensuring even better results. All functions can be activated and managed via new smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, but also the new Smart Kitchen Dock. The new range of Bosch 8 Series premium ovens also has many new features. The integrated AirFry function and a special tray allow for grease-free hot air frying and the new steam cooking function contributes to a healthier diet. Further novelties of BSH are: the No Frost combined refrigerator (with the “Recipes based on the pantry” function, with which consumers discover new recipes in the Home Connect app based on the ingredients in the refrigerator) and the new coffee machine Siemens super-automatic EQ900. Finally, Solitaire Waterbase innovates the concept of the sink, allowing user to select six types of water from the tap.