Series LF test equipment by Microline


The series LF automatic test equipment by Microline is custom designed to test gas cookers, gas cookers hobs and combustion chambers on hermetic boilers. The LF series test rig concerning gas cookers and gas cookers hobs performs air tightness, air and/or gas flow tests and other functional tests such as safety thermocouple cut-in. With regard to testing combustion chambers on hermetic boilers, this test rig is designed to test tightness with high flow (up to 1500 nl/h) and values of very low pressure (0.5 to 5 mbar). In both cases supply pressure regulation is automatic and flow is measured with a mass sensor. As the test equipment is modular, the tests can be modified and/or integrated with those for electrical safety (earth efficiency, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, residual voltage, leakage current).