Fight to wastes: the role of household appliances


The “International day of awareness of food loss and waste”, announced by the United Nations and scheduled on September 29th, focuses on a theme of strict topicality: learning how to consume and to manage food in more aware manner, so avoiding useless wates. The household appliance industry as well can give an important contribution to reach targets of more sustainability, thanks to appliances that allow conserving food longer and having healthier food habits. Among the brands committed to this direction, Electrolux has decided being partner of Too Good To Go for a contest where participants may win, among the awards, also the 700-Series fridge-freezer and the SteamBoost steam oven, made available by the company. The fridge-freezer of the Series 700 is equipped with GreenZone drawer (which prevents the formation of condensate excesses and keeps up to 95% of vitamins even after 11 days), with TwinTech Total technology (two independent cooling systems for optimal temperature and humidity in each compartment) and with SpinView shelf, which rotates by 360° in both directions. The SteamBoost oven allows instead preparing healthier dishes through steam cooking and is provided with the programme “Regenerate with steam”, which allows heating a dish previously cooked, enhancing its flavours and texture as if it had been just prepared. Moreover, the Steamify technology automatically combines the right steam percentage with the heat degree.