Supercapacitors: World Class Technology and high performance in Orvem products portfolio


Supercapacitors are energy storage devices that store a high current volume and are available in Orvem catalogue in 3 main series as per the comparative table below.
Made with activated carbon (processed in eco-friendly mode), they offer high currents, high power density and longer life than other solutions. “As Orvem, we offer several series specifically designed to best suit a wide variety of applications”, the company explains.

Hy-Cap NEO Supercapacitor – 2.7V and 3.0V – (World Class Technology) – Highest class supercapacitors

These capacitors have the peculiarity of being able to be used in extreme conditions and cover a range from 1 Farad to 100 F (in the radial model). They are a sustainable solution for short-term power supply in several different applications including for example Smart Meter. The newly developed Hy-Cap NEO supercapacitors operate from -40 °C low temperature to +85 °C high temperature (with derating). They feature a low ESR, 500,000 life cycle, and are available in 2.7 and 3V. The most suitable applications are: electric vehicles, communication equipment, IoT field, and in industrial environment even in particularly difficult environmental conditions.

Hy-Cap VET Supercapacitor – Supercapacitors with optimized performance up to 85 ° C

This series of capacitors is optimized for use in a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C, with a high resistance to humidity (85% RH in 2.7V) and with long-term benefits for applications in harsh environments for example in transportation. The main function of this series is to maintain the power supply in the event of micro interruptions in different situations. The resistance to high levels of humidity guarantees the continuity of this functionality over time. They can also guarantee coverage of the demand for power peaks.

Lithium Capacitors – Lithium Ion VPC series – 3.8V

The 3.8V VPC series consists of environmentally friendly lithium-ion capacitors and has been developed to reduce costs compared to more expensive pulse battery technologies, while offering significantly lower ESR with longer life, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents for the same size and comparable battery-based technology. The lithium-ion capacitor now offers a higher voltage and lower self-discharge characteristics.
VPC series features:
– ultra low self-discharge (leakage current);
– wide operating temperature range -25 °C +85 °C;
– high operating voltage 3.8V
– high capacity up to 250F.

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