Franke’s new brand identity


Franke has unveiled its new brand identity that embraces its communication at 360 degrees, from the updated website to the marketing materials. The logo, for example, has been updated in the color: the “Vibrant Red” shade. In addition, the corporate website has a new responsive design, with a clear and readable display, optimized for use on a wide variety of devices. The architecture of the information is also clear and the content appealing and comprehensive. “The rebrand – explains Patrik Wohlhauser, CEO of the Group – is not just a change of look for the Franke Group: we appreciate the change and we consider it an opportunity to innovate and improve, which is why we have made our brand positioning even more premium and we are open to changes of direction. We boldly go beyond our limits by promoting innovations, to always be one step ahead: day after day, we strive to find the best solution to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our new design is the visual expression of our ambition”.