LG and Falconeri, together for the “Perfect Cashmere” operation


LG Electronics and Falconeri, a brand specializing in the creation of high quality cashmere products, launch the “Perfect Cashmere” operation which will see the two brands together for a joint communication campaign dedicated to garments care. The effectiveness of the combination of technology and precious materials was demonstrated by the tests conducted by Falconeri on the LG AI DD washing machine (model F6WV7105GA) which passed the test, returning clean and soft garments and in perfect condition. LG AI DD washing machines are equipped with Artificial Intelligence that recognizes the degree of softness of the fabrics and chooses the optimal drum movements to reduce damage from rubbing during washing, choosing from over 20,000 possible combinations. Furthermore, the Steam+ technology uses low-temperature steam during the washing phase to sanitize garments without damaging them while ensuring a high level of energy efficiency. The two brands will be involved in numerous joint activities including a special promotion.