Somipress: a global company with roots in the made-in-Italy mechanical tradition

Somipress Series 4 burners.

Somipress is a global company, whose roots lie in the made-in-Italy mechanical tradition. It was founded in 1972 in Castelfidardo (Marche region, Central Italy) and it was the creation of Armando Elisei and a group of entrepreneurs who set up a factory specialized in die-casting operations of zinc and aluminum alloys and specialized in the production of gas burners for household appliances and components for automotive industry. The need to broaden its horizons and to enter the global market led to the creation of Imosline Usa in 1998. It was based in Michigan and was designed to promote and distribute Somipress products in the American market. Later, the market globalization and the need to support and to be close to the manufacturing footprint of important clients led, in 2001, to the establishment of Somipress Romania, a productive site specifically designed for the Eastern markets. In 2004 the Group expanded again and Somipress do Brasil was founded. Nowadays Somipress has productive and logistic plants in China, North America, Romania, Australia and Germany. Of course, the original plant of Castelfidardo in Italy has always been the “heart and head” of the whole Group. “Somipress – the company says – believes in the extreme ductility of die casted aluminium, in its functional and mechanical features and its environmental sustainability. Thanks to our great attention to the development of new solutions in partnership with (both for the design and production) big players from different industrial sectors, Somipress has been producing for more than 40 years components in die casted aluminium for the automotive, mechanical and household appliances industries. Our products are always characterized by innovation, quality and design”.