Whirlpool plans to integrate the Matter standard into its smart appliances


Whirlpool is taking steps toward making smart appliances work more harmoniously in home ecosystems by announcing support for Matter, standard of smart home connectivity. Whirlpool will also be an active member of the Matter working group focused on supporting appliances in a future version of Matter, and will add support to the company’s smart appliance lineup when that support launches. “If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that connectivity is essential to our mission of improving life at home for our consumers – said Whirlpool Corp. VP of Global Platforms Ludo Beaufils –. Matter allows consumers to enjoy all the smart features found on our products, while connecting compatible devices and systems with one another and controlling them from their preferred app or voice assistant”. Matter is a new language of the smart home, led by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, with support from hundreds of the world’s leading IoT and smart home companies. Products built on Matter will work seamlessly with each other and introduce robust, core security features and flexible ways to control with its Multi-Admin capabilities. Matter has support from more than 220 global companies and 3,000 individual engineers that represent the entire value chain, from silicon, hardware, software, ecosystems and platforms, to retail.