2D AMPLIVAR splices by TE connectivity


TE connectivity partners with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products. Among its components, the company offers the 2D AMPLIVAR splices. “They combine the superior connection and easy to use features of AMPLIVAR splices with the 2D crimp technology – TE explains – to provide a magnet wire splice solution that is easy to use and that can simplify inventory and manufacturing processes at the same time”. New 2D AMPLIVAR splices are offered in pigtail and thru types that can be used with stranded or solid copper or aluminum magnet wire (3 magnet wires max.) of various sizes and combinations. “The innovation behind TE’s 2D crimp technology – the company adds – is its ability to use one splice and a single adjustable applicator across many different wire sizes. That means only 1 splice part number is required to be used across a broad range (600-7000 CMA) of wire sizes. The reduction of part and applicators needed significantly reduces the complexity of design-in, assembly, procurement and inventory management”.