3M solutions for industrial refrigeration and cooling


3M supports industrial refrigerators and cooling manufacturer to build products that are stronger, lighter and more cost effective. “Our advanced tapes and adhesives – the company explains – are used throughout the industry to reduce vibration, bond windows in doors, stabilize refrigerator coils, secure insulation, attach membrane switches, and more. For assembly, attachment, identification, noise reduction and protection applications, we offer solutions to meet stringent industrial refrigerators performance requirements.
The 3M bonding solutions support your company on everyday assembly challenges, from speed up production process to weight reduction and design improvement. Replacing traditional fastening systems with 3M adhesives and tapes solutions is easy. Download our interactive pdf to find out how you can improve design and production of the following products, such as open refrigerator, straight doors refrigerator, small, curved doors cooler, big curved doors cooler, industrial air conditioner. Refrigerators have become much more than simply boxes to preserve food”.

Case study about the benefits of aluminum foil tapes in refrigeration systems
“Let’s make an example of how you can use tapes in the industrial refrigeration using aluminum tapes for insulation – the company says –. Seeking improvements in the manufacturing process and to increase the thermal efficiency in refrigerators, the appliance industries extensively used aluminum tapes to replace mechanical fasteners to attach tubes inside refrigerators. In many cases however, there are not many studies clearly showing the benefits of using tapes and having many tape options may cause doubts as to which one to choose. Nowadays there are several types of tapes, including options that can be applied automatically, without tearing the aluminum foil, leading to more efficiency in the production line. To know which kind of aluminum tapes, choose in your applications and to go into deep about assembly solutions for industrial refrigeration, download now the interactive pdf here to find out all the assembly solutions for industrial refrigeration and cooling”.