Miele highlights the advantages of the Eco mode


As highlighted by Miele, consumers who use the Eco mode on a washing machine or dishwasher reduce electricity consumption and, in part, water consumption. Nevertheless, these programmes are still under-used: insights from industry surveys and pseudonymised data from connected machines from Miele allow the conclusion to be drawn that Eco programmes are only activated in around 25% of cases on dishwashers. The figure for washing machines is around 5%. “The energy this wastes is enormous: if the Eco programme were to be used every third time on a washing machine and every second time on a dishwasher, massive electricity savings would be the result – the company says –. Depending on the intensity of use, these vary from 1.5 bn kWh per annum to more than 2 bn kWh pro. The reason for consumers’ reticence in using the Eco mode result from common misgivings as to the suitability of these programmes on washing machines and dishwashers in everyday use”. In reality, Eco programmes on both washing machines and dishwashers must meet strict legislative requirements which are monitored in laboratories and hence result in good performance in everyday use. “On dishwashers from Miele, for example, smart water intake and optimised spray arms ensure that this is possible using less energy – the company explains –. Germany’s consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest confirms that even extreme soiling such as baked-on oat flakes or dried-on Bolognese sauce is removed in the Eco mode with its longer cycle time. Alongside the Eco mode, Miele’s innovative PowerWash on washing machines ensures that water consumption and hence also the energy needed to heat water is further reduced, producing good results. However, it also remains true that the Eco mode cannot be used always. In certain situations, users are dependent on intensive or special programmes”.
Besides, Eco programmes on both washing machines and dishwashers operate at reduced temperatures. However, in the interests of good results, this is compensated for by longer cycle times. The reduced energy needed to heat up water far offsets the energy required to power the drum over the extended cycle time or to circulate water through the system. “The bottom line is that a Miele washing machine with an A energy efficiency rating and fully loaded in Eco mode uses on average 0.9 kWh per cycle – Miele explains –. A comparable Cottons programme requires 1.4 kWh. As little as between 0.5 and 0.8 kWh is used by a dishwasher in the Eco programme – instead of the 1 to 1.2 kWh in a programme with equivalent cleaning performance. Further potential is achieved by connecting machines to a hot water supply. In this case, the Eco mode on a Miele dishwasher then only requires 0.29 kWh”. Finally, Washing machines and dishwashers from Miele are tested to last 20 years and endurance testing takes Eco programmes into account to reflect realistic use. Furthermore, additional strain resulting from the longer cycles in Eco programmes are very moderate and uncritical with respect to the impact on life expectancy.