Cross Point’s technology for the appliance industry


For years alongside the appliance industry (domestic – consumer – professional), Cross Point’s proposal ranges from touch FLX foils, customized flexible capacitive circuits (with different “transparency” effects), up to integrating aesthetic cover lens or even the entire user interface. Without forgetting the capacitive level sensors, which can be integrated into “self-dosing” systems or wherever it is necessary to detect a liquid in the appliance. And the wide range of aesthetic LED elements, from the simplest to the most complex made-to-measure. In detail, the company proposes: bespoke touch FLX foils (silver – Pe.Dot – ITO – nanosilver), also available with “Ghost/Dead-Front” effect; touch cover lens (aesthetic front panel + integrated capacitive FLX foil); complete touch interfaces (with I2C, UART communication protocols); standard label touch keypad (LTK 5″); capacitive level sensors for liquid detection in plastic tanks (mono and multi-level, also customized); aesthetic and functional LED elements; and LED system with flexible light-guide fiber.