Steam ovens: not only for a healthy diet


Electrolux highliths that steam cooking not only is suitable for a more balanced diet because it keeps foods’ nutritional properties intact, but it is also an excellent resource to save energy due to the use of low temperatures. “Our ovens – the company explains – are devised to facilitate the preparation of any recipe, from meat to fish, from vegetables to leavened foods: with the possibility of using steam, they match healthiness and convenience. Cooking a chicken breast and making it tasty, maintaining the right consistency without drying it, for instance, it is not so easy as it seems. For this preparation, the preferable modality is vacuum steam, which keeps the dish juicy and tender, reducing the energy consumption by even 20% in comparison with static cooking. An advantage that can be even greater for the preparation of the salmon fillet: users can in fact save up to 40% of energy in comparison with the grill cooking if they use steam programmes”. SteamBoost is the hero oven of the range: with the intuitive Steamify technology, the appliance automatically matches the correct steam percentage with the heat degree of any preparation. As alternative, it is possible to set up the steam percentage at 100%: in this case, cooking will be longer but cheaper. Besides, this model stands out for further special functions: such as the programme “Regenerate with steam”, through which each dish previously cooked can be warmed up without losing original tastes and consistency, as if it had been just prepared. “Monitoring cooking stages – the company adds – becomes a simple operation with the Thermal FoodProbe, which measures the temperature at the food core and interrupts the process once ended, issuing an acoustic signal. The SteamBake model is instead an ideal solution to prepare soft breads with uniform cooking: pizzas, muffins, tarts, but also soft roasts and tasty vegetables. The humidity generated inside the oven cavity allows in fact the dough to rise completely, giving birth to soft preparations inside and golden outside. Giving each dish a crunchy look becomes finally easy and fast with SteamCrisp that, exploiting low temperatures, prevents foods from drying out in browning phase, keeping tastes and consistencies intact”. This range of Electrolux ovens is also provided with special steam cleaning programmes studied according to a vision of consumption reduction: they allow saving up to 95% of energy in comparison with a pyrolytic cleaning programme. An example of that is the AquaClean programme, which cleans the oven exploiting the humidity power: the steam generated inside the cavity dissolves stubborn fat and residues.