HoReCa: UV-C LED sanitising tool for coffee cups


For the HoReCa sector, Slim developed a sanitising tool that can be integrated into professional coffee machines and can intervene in the disinfection of coffee cups before the drink was dispensed. “This is a new system, which can be realised at the customer’s request, with a specially dimensioned UV-C LED source that can be inserted inside the coffee machine – the company explains –. The UV-C LED light is an ideal solution for the effective sanitisation of the shelf where the coffee cups are placed, and for disinfecting the surfaces of the cups themselves, before proceeding to the dispensing of the drink. The device is able to carry out a thorough sanitisation of the coffee cup against pathogens. This UV-C LED sanitising solution must not only be functional, but it must also be perfectly integrated into the design of the coffee machine, guaranteeing optimum performance during use. Attention to every structural detail, which contributes to defining the design of the coffee machine, is crucial for the enhancement of the product. When designing such a solution, the coffee machine manufacturer has to provide the specifications of the measurements and overall dimensions to allow us to prototype the device and then proceed with the various quality and safety tests. The main objective is to ensure our customers effective, safe and durable products. To certify the reliability of the proposed sanitising system, we carry out scrupulous checks with the support of research laboratories: tests and reports carried out and ad hoc certified guarantee the parameters for putting the device into production. It is important to ensure a sanitising effect, in compliance with health safety parameters, with proper dissipation of the light radiated by the UV-C LED and the heat of the source”.