Franke’s filtering hoods: focus on filters


Franke filtering hoods eliminate fumes and vapors through specific filters, re-introducing clean air into the environment. In this way the heat of the domestic air is maintained, especially in the winter months, avoiding waste of energy. The company has developed a new activated carbon filter that can be reused many times. Thanks to the multilayer technology, the Long-Lasting filter increases the filtration efficiency. The double layer filters in two ways: through a pre-filtration, which captures the larger particles, followed by a second filtration at a higher concentration. This ensures an optimal cleaning of the air. The filter can be washed in the dishwasher every 3-4 months, for a maximum duration of 3 years, and can be dried at room temperature by keeping it in vertical position to facilitate the water drainage, or alternatively it can be placed in the oven at a temperature of 50°C. In addition, the ceramic activated carbon filter achieves a high absorption capacity. It can last 3 years, has a filtration efficiency of over 80% and can be regenerated in the oven every 2-3 months at a temperature of 200°.