When brazing becomes green


Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generators have become increasingly useful in electric motor, transformer, HVAC-R and in all those industries where brazing is required. Thanks to the flexible installation, these systems are ideal for small and medium-big manufacturers.
This sustainable technology converts distilled water into green oxygen and hydrogen and replaces the old gas cylinders, traditionally used for pipe brazing (i.e., in refrigeration and air conditioning) or for wire, cable brazing in winding (in transformers or rotative equipments).
Different sizes of gas generators, with different capacities, allow to braze from small pieces up to big sections. The unit can be centralized and one or more brazing stations can be connected according to each customer need.
The company has already produced more than 8000 plants around the world, offering these solutions to the main players in the market.
The main advantages are summarized as follows: the solution eliminates the gas cylinder related costs, eliminates the risk of explosions, and reducing the working pressure which is below than 0.5 BAR guarantees a total safety. The flame does not produce optical harmful radiations generating a better environment for the operator. Also, the quality of the joint is improved thanks to the pre-mixed gases by the generator which makes the technology user friendly. High skilled operators are not required.
Born in 1981 and headquartered in Sacile town (Italy), with 42 years of experience the company offers a high quality product, reliable even in tough environments.

Where can you meet the Oweld team? You may contact Oweld through the website www.oweld.com or through the following exhibitions:
– COILTECH (Augsburg, Germany) 29-30 March 2023, Booth 3-C06
– CWIEME (Berlin, Germany) 23-25 May 2023, Booth 32D32
– COILTECH (Pordenone, Italy) 20-21 September 2023, Booth A17-A19, Hall 6
– REFRIGERA (Bologna, Italy) 07-09 November 2023, Booth B33, Hall 30

Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld Sales Director

«In every exhibition Oxyweld will demonstrate the newest series of gas generators and the model 20000HD, a popular choice for many manufacturing companies, alongside the user-friendly brazing station», says Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld Sales Director.