Technological collaboration agreement between Copreci and Ikerlan


The Ikerlan technology centre and Copreci (design and manufacture of components and systems for household appliances) have signed a technological collaboration agreement for the next four years that will allow the development of innovations in electronics, providing robustness, efficiency and maintainability requirements to the basic functionality. In addition, the products developed will integrate cybersecurity and artificial intelligence technologies that will result in products with greater added value, which are more resilient and user-friendly. “The agreement – Copreci explains – will enable technological development in the household appliance sector and includes the development of technology in the areas of electromagnetism, electrical machines and power electronics, for the design and integral development of small electric drives, motor control strategies, contactless charging systems for household appliances (Inductive Coupling Power Transfer) or induction heating systems for household appliances, among others”. This new alliance between Copreci and Ikerlan strengthens the close relationship that both entities have maintained for more than 45 years. Ikerlan has extensive experience in the development of cutting-edge technologies in electromagnetism and power electronics. It has also participated in various European research projects such as: the UltimateGaN project (based on gallium nitride semiconductors), Reaction (based on silicon carbide semiconductors for energy technologies) or InductIce (application for de-icing aircraft wings by means of induction heating).