Cosma: the expertise of 5 companies in a single Group

Image by PIRO from Pixabay

Cosma Group, European manufacturers of components for the household appliance and automotive industries, brings together the specific skills of five companies. “Cosma Heat – the company says – has decades of experience in manufacturing enamelled cast iron and iron pan supports. The company assists its customers in identifying the best solutions for product development with its specialised consulting service, meeting all needs for customisation right from the design stage”. Since 2015, Cosma Heat has also been manufacturing infrared heating elements and glass-ceramic and induction cooktops for the professional catering sector. Besides, Cosma Glass is specialised in designing and manufacturing flat tempered glass elements for household appliances. These mainly include cooktops and covers, oven doors, dashboards and front panels. The company offers highly customised products. Another member of the Group is Cosma Grill that carries out the enamelling of cast iron and iron elements for the kitchen, which are mainly pan supports for cooktops, steak pans and sheet metal heat shields. “Cosma Grill – the company explains – is constantly at the forefront of research into new types of application for enamels and other high-performance coatings. A combination of manual processes and state-of-the-art equipment ensures perfect results and the production flexibility required to meet all kinds of request”. In addition, Cosma Plast is specialised in injection moulding and assembling plastic components for the household appliance and automotive industries. The company oversees everything that precedes and follows the production process, from product engineering to finishing processes, including the creation and maintenance of moulds. Finally, Cosma Trading (based in Shenzhen, China) oversees the design, manufacturing and quality control of products for all the companies in the Group. Cosma Trading also handles imports and sales of cast iron grids, intra-company and with direct supplies to global multinationals. The company also designs injection moulds.