Haier: Gold UL Verified IoT Security Rating by UL Solutions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Haier has earned a Gold UL Verified IoT Security Rating from UL Solutions for IoT systems implemented in the brand’s smart products and solutions. The Smart Home today allows high-level performance, new dimensions of comfort, simplification of daily procedures and the possibility of accessing a series of additional functions compared to the past or compared to non-connected devices. Users are also beginning to perceive the value of the customized ecosystems that allow for greater control and a better achievement of the energy efficiency. But consumers are also sensitive to issues such as privacy and cybersecurity. That is why Haier has kicked off an implementation pathway for systems and security verification going beyond compliance and current regulations in place, anticipating standards that could be entering into force in the near future. With the Gold UL Verified IoT Security Rating provided by UL Solutions, the brand is demonstrating to users that their products have delivered advanced security levels in functions, such as the protection of stored and transmitted data, the basic settings protected with no need for any user’s effort, and the monitoring and maintenance of the connected applications. “The verification carried out by UL Solutions provides objective and science-based credentials; relying on their tests and analyses was an obvious choice for Haier – commented Gianpiero Morbello, Head of Brand & IOT at Haier Europe –. The verification of IoT processes is part of our Smart Home vision, where the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Beings and Artificial Intelligence and premium technology find their best expression. We want our customers to share their profiles and data to receive highly customized suggestions, according to their preferences, with peace of mind to enjoy a new connected experience”.