Meteor: 956 model gear motor for the Cooking sector


For the Cooking sector, Meteor produces the gear motor mod. 956. “The synchronic motor-reducer 956 – the company explains – comes as the latest result in the line of evolution of successive models, which have been continuously improved over the past years”. It is available with a wide power supply voltage range: it can be connected to power by DIN 46244 fastons or by strand wires of variable length. Different rotation speeds can enable the rotation direction (clockwise or anticlockwise). “It is easy – Meteor says – to choose the most suitable model to any specific use among the uncountable models of transmission shafts”. “The motor-reducer – the company adds – is made of selected, carefully tested materials which ensure not only its long life but also its very low noise. Meteor has developed high quality standards as we worked to make our motor-reducer suitable to be used under different working conditions which require the employment of specific plastic materials. In 1996 Meteor introduced the first automated production line for gear motors which currently produces 1400 pieces/hour. Our product approvals are: IMQ – VDE – ENEC – UL CSA”. The main technical specifications of the 956 model are: voltage from min. 12V to max. 400V, power output from min. 3W to 12W, max. operating temperature 150°C, class H, speeds from 1.2 Rpm to 60 Rpm.