Bora: the new grill pan extends the company’s range of accessories


Bora widens its range of accessories with the new cast aluminum grill pan. Its non-stick coating is ideal for preparing meat, fish and vegetables in a low-fat way. With its rectangular shape, the grill pan is specially designed for Bora surface induction cooktops, but it also works on all other surface induction coils, including round ones. The glass ceramic is protected by four silicone base pads that can be reordered if necessary. With a width of 469 mm, a height of 270 mm and a depth of 60 mm, the grill pan is designed to fit perfectly into the recently launched Bora X BO professional steam oven, but in theory it can be inserted into any oven and heated up to 250°C. The closed-pore surface treatment of the non-stick coating makes the grill pan easy to clean.