Satiplugs: Schuko Splash-Proof plug


CL/A by Satiplugs is a European Schuko plug. The product is distinguished by these characteristics: splash-proof, 2 pole + earth, 16A – 250V, straight. In the table below the cable types and approvals. Founded in 1972, Satiplugs is a molding company of electrical cables with plugs for the industrial sector. The molded plugs produced by Satiplugs are applied in several markets including: small and large household appliances, cleaning, vending, compressors for professional and hobby use, professional welders, submersible pumps, etc. “All steps in the production of plugs molded on electric cables, produced by Satiplugs, are subjected to internal controls – the company explains –. Our company is certificated ISO 9001:2008, IQNet and CSQ. The Satiplugs products are approved both individually and overall, as the company carries out a careful selection of its suppliers, exclusively national and European”.