Unox Casa lands in Milan and becomes protagonist of Pontaccio HUB


Milan calls, Unox Casa answers. The Venetian brand that first introduced the technological innovation of professional ovens into luxury residential, lands in the Lombard capital city, so becoming one of the protagonists of the brand-new Pontaccio Hub, reference point location for sector professionals, just inaugurated and already ranking among the most popular of Brera district, Via Pontaccio. «Pontaccio Hub represents the convergence between a furniture atelier and an innovation hub with sustainable materials, forefront design and technology applied to high cuisine. A unique concept space presented for the first time in Milan, which identifies the ideal context to convey the expertise of Unox Casa brand and of its partners. Milan is not a finishing line but a sound basis to prosecute that consolidation course that we started with Eurocucina last year. Milan is the core of the Italian design and a brand like ours, which bases its mission on the combination between design and technology could not miss this opportunity. We will soon inaugurate a cycle of visits, initially only upon invitation, where guests will have the chance of living a direct exclusive experience of brands», confirms Matteo De Lise, Director of Unox Casa. The establishment in Milan represents a strategic choice that throws the domestic division of Unox giant in the Olympus of modern kitchen’s leader brands.