New 5-way mixers


Zerica presents YOUTAP, the new design mixer for a smart water use. Distributed by I&D, it completes the iconic under-counter YOU plant.

It is called YOUTAP the last novelty coming from Zerica company. The Sicilian enterprise, oriented towards global markets, confirms its vision addressing the future with the new range of mixers for sustainable design kitchens. By Zerica’s, YOUTAP is an absolute novelty, since first production of branded mixers to be combined with one of its iconic products, the under-counter YOU plant.
Actually, besides domestic hot and cold water, YOUTAP allows dispensing filtered ambient water, fresh and sparkling, maintaining two separate flows internally. As Zerica itself explains, 5 ways for 5 different requirements that meet market trends, wisely matching performances and sustainability. All that due to 5 functions through two different controls that allows avoiding heavy purchases of bottled water, saving time and money, besides granting an important contribution to the environmental sustainability, more and more important issue for a large number of users.

YOUTAP is the first production of Zerica-branded mixers to be combined with the under-counter YOU plant.

Moreover: Zerica has shown utmost attention also to the aesthetical appearance, other element that can make the difference. YOUTAP range is in fact fully made of stainless steel to ensure durability in time, while the two input lines grant hygiene safety. The YOUTAP collection is currently available in two different models, with L and U shapes, both with Satin stainless steel finish. YOUTAP “works” in tandem with YOU, as exclusive mixer for the well-tested under-counter refrigerator signed by Zerica. YOU has already carved out a place for itself on the market, representing the perfect space-saving solution for all environments, reliable and very user-friendly, due to the exclusive Silver Turbo Clean refrigeration system, which grants hygiene and reliability, too. A small space under the domestic kitchen sink or at the office is sufficient to solve forever the problem of drinking water provisioning. YOUTAP – Zerica finally communicated – will be exclusively distributed in Italy by I&D and will be intended for the kitchen sector.